março 28, 2007

The Same End

Bom eu já não escrevo nada neste espaço há imenso tempo, e por isso peço desculpa a todos os que visitaram o meu blog à procura de algo novo. O que me traz hoje aqui, não é a boa nova, mas algo inevitável, que mais tarde ou mais cedo, acabaria por acontecer.

Devido à falta de tempo, entre outros factores pessoais e profissionais, decidi terminar definitivamente este espaço. Acho que é uma falta de respeito da minha parte, manter algo para apenas ser mais um, no meio da imensidão, de tanta coisa que se pode ler por aí, e essa nunca foi a minha intenção.

Quero agradecer a todos aqueles que visitaram este espaço, e a todos os que interviram. Espero que continuemos a encontrarmo-nos por aí. Deixo-vos com um último adeus.

Farewell! See You in Hell!

The Same End

As my body descend to the bloody earth
shadows embrace the soul who's alone
inside a hole full of tears and flowers
to remind the days of birth and death

Another funeral as come to leave again
one more memory written in stone cold
back to the nights were we both knew
that your god won't miss this change

Soul in heaven, body in hell, what a surprise
still the shine of the moon shows his tomb
every moment, every whispers, every loved one
will join the same end when his time comes

Now it's over forever more
set up to the abyss address
the final crumbling down
to the grave: life is done!

By: DarkCapricorn

31 de Agosto de 2005 - 28 de Março de 2007

fevereiro 28, 2007

Moon Lover

Happy Kalevala Day!

On the winter hill the huntress moon
sings a song to the wolves and to the snow
icy rain came from the heaven
to bliss the earth and the hearts of the dry

Deep into smoke, the one who cares
hides a pearl between rocks and cold shores
he play this poem every night
just to feel the engraved beauty of the bright

On the winter hill the killing moon
deceive her will on the creatures of the fog
and we the ancient story tellers
will keep writing her preys on the stones

Deep into mist, the chosen one
will bleed alone to receive eternity's kiss
and on his way trough frozen clouds
pick a flower and swear serve the white mistress

I rise just to see her
I feel the warmth of that song
please, oh my darkest sky
show me the most beautiful bride

By: DarkCapricorn

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fevereiro 14, 2007

Curtains of Ever

Amo-te A.L.

I smell your scent trough the cold and blood
where the burden of lights die alone
let's save our tears in the frezzing air
lead them down to hell in the end of life

For the angels I say my last goodbye
but to you my love I'll be by your side

Lay my head back and don't let me see the sun
kill my body, shatter your soul against mine
recreate a sin behind these curtains of ever
paint them black within the red of our sea

In the way of fire, the rings around my heart
torn apart what was lefted of the man I was
young and mourn but not with wings undone
I'll take your embrace and fly to your grave

For the grace of night I close my eyes
but to your nakedness I'll hunger all the time

By: DarkCapricorn

fevereiro 07, 2007


Here I am to refil it
there's a frame in my head
that I can't just erase away

Reveal me
I'm hide from the sun
can't you see me?

Here it dies on my lips
all those words who once
I shouldn't said to you

Remind me
to go back in the dark
where you won't see me

Flesh drops in the floor
tears of a lifetime
passed behind the show
who couldn't go undone

By: DarkCapricorn

janeiro 30, 2007

Never Ending Path

Já me estavam a faltar as forças para vos vir saúdar caros fantasmas. De qualquer forma aqui estou, ou aquilo que resta de mim, algo que o tempo não conseguiu apagar. Rodeado de chá quente e já com a cama lá atrás e a sua amiga borracha de água quente a chamar por mim, desejo-vos a todos uma óptima noite, embora estas já sirvam para pouco mais do que recuperar dos estenuantes dias de Inverno que não dão tréguas (ou não fossem dias de Inverno!). No meu caso, descansar o pensamento para que amanha a gripe não ataque com mais força.
Os fins de semana continuam a ser o meu maior refúgio, muito para álem deste espaço e de outro, que já me deu mais prazer em manter confesso (já agora estão convidados, myspace dos sepúlcros).
Porque será que estes dias infernais nunca mais acabam? As saudades apertam... Amo-te A.L.

Never Ending Path

Winter forgives with a tender kiss
on lips that once were lively red
frozen tears touching and holding
your heart on the surface of life

Makes me want to just end myself
in the ashes of hate burning low
cause no one will ever touth me
my way back home after losing her

The trail it starts to gloom in tears
with the cross that numb my path
where her ghost live for me

The frail shape moves on into fears
with blood and exctasy losted
where I'll become her dream

Sing the love that death adores
the misery that keep us as one
even if the dark is breezing
the never ending path ahead

By: DarkCapricorn

janeiro 23, 2007

3 shatters of ice

De volta para vos deixar 3 pedaços que encontrei no meio do gelo da minha alma. E da mesma forma fugaz com que vim, da mesma forma fugaz me vou. Saudações especiais a todos aqueles que não se esquecem de mim, acreditem que eu não me esqueci de voçês, embora ancioso por mais um fim de semana. Amo-te A.L.

Drifting Frost

Alone in the shivering rain
with the noose around my neck
clouds above trace the plan
my melting ride in the shore

Standing up in a hollow ground
in warning to break down
to grab my illusion and dream
before she knew the final sin

Yearning in pain for damnation
walking stiches pointed at me
waiting for my lonely sleep
to rip out my bloodless heart

Is it so hard in the end
to be the one who never asked
for forgiveness on my knees
and receive the ocean bliss?

Embrace me in a place so cold
without remorse
kiss me till my soul reborns
from the drifting frost

By: DarkCapricorn

Endless Winter Nights

Endless winter nights
a plague lefted behind the door of hurt
bleedind for more
reflects of kisses as rain in my face

Endless winter nights
shadows lay frost on dreams highway
departing over hell
two slow burning hearts wish desire

Endless winter nights
in the middle of nowhere we spread
our scent away
so the leaves could crawl back to us

Endless winter nights
wonders fly feeding my mouth with joy
just for once
before hell come back to take my love

Far from the ground
blind from all the rest
I am her grave candle light
something so frail
kind from all the best
she's bullet to my suicide

By: DarkCapricorn

No Light Land

Where is all the light?
far away from here
not even by the dawn
she dares to appear

I am frozen
within the wild
and my heart is
in a shadow's shelter

Where are you now?
my winter goddess
take me by the hand
and lift up my soul

By the night
kill all the sunlight
I'm tired of it
heal my burning chest

By: DarkCapricorn

janeiro 14, 2007

Dungeon of Fire

Lust is a flame, a devil's thing
that you play with and burn on it
close my eyes, light up my life
lost in the echoes of silent desire

Sacrifice my weak piece of mind
show me a way trough the desert rain
craving, begging for her obsession
holding in fear this pleasure dear

I dream and I lose myself in her
dungeon of fire
restless love and heart decay in
this poison inside

By: DarkCapricorn (Amo-te A.L.)